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Our family owned business has provides personal attention with world class service since 1996. We specialize in Heidelberg equipment.

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Whittenburg, Inc has a reputation for the highest quality in all aspects of our business.  Check us out today!

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Our website is now live with our growing product catalog.  We are always updating this with new products.  Please contact us if you can’t find what you need.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I’ve been working with Whittenburg for 15 years and Walter has always made me feel like family.  Whether it’s a hard to find part or something out of his inventory, Whittenburg service has always been fast and professional.  I give them 2 thumbs up!”

Bruno R

Owner, Rohner Letterpress

“The staff at Whittenburg are incredible! Even though I only call them when I have a problem or need a part, they are great to work with and always get my presses up and running in short order! Thank you!”

Todd T

Angel Bomb Design & Letterpress

“Whittenburg has been a valuable resource over the years. When I can’t find a part for a press, they will always have it. ”

Benjamin J

Hammer Press

“Our family letterpress business needed a Heidelberg Windmill, a good one that we could trust with high quality work – from the time the press hit the floor. After months of looking, we settled on a press from Whittenburg. Other than changing out rollers, we have had no reason to stop the press from running every day. Over the past four years, there have been many times that I have called Walter or Rosa to ask questions or advise. They are always more than generous with their time and knowledge.”

Gale L

Blue Canoe Letterpress